Thursday, 18 February 2016

FastTrack Bowl-a-Thon!

On January 19th, the FastTrack team headed out Bowling for their first Social Club event of the year! 

Taking the first throw of the evening, Managing Director, Phil started the evening off by throwing the ball so hard he slipped into his own lane before falling head first into the neighbouring lane. A great start!

Playing 2 games over the evening some of the team showed some fantastic skill on the lanes! 

Some others, on the other hand, seemed to insist on 'gutter ball-ing' every throw... 

Special mention goes to Ed Davis, the top bowler of the evening...and not forgetting Jo Hall and Kristina Greenwood, our worst bowlers of the evening!

Take a look at our full results below!

The Results:

Top 5 Best Bowlers
1.   Ed Davis
2.   Ben Brown
=3. Russell Edwards 
=3. Gemma Saunders 
=5. Simon Toussaint 
=5. Peter Davies 

Top 5 Worst Bowlers
=1.   Jo Hall
=1.   Kristina Greenwood
2.     Alex Killen
3.    Grant Clements
4.    Ben McQueeney

Overall Team Rankings
1.   Jo Ro
2.   James Barnham
3.   Phil Toussaint
4.   Simon Toussaint

The Favourite Ball of the Evening:

Thursday, 11 February 2016

FastTrack Social Club 2016!

A new year brings new fun and games as 2016 brings the launch of the FastTrack Social Club! 

Make sure you follow the FastTrack blog to stay updated with all the goings on of the Social Club (and the mischief we've been getting into)!