Monday, 15 August 2016

FastTrack Cocktail Making Class 2016!

Celebrating a fantastic 2nd Quarter set of results, our Manchester & Birmingham Teams were rewarded with a fantastic night of cocktail making! 

Barman Tom from local company ‘Shaken and Stirred’, gave the staff from both offices lessons on how to make their favourite cocktail; talking through the ingredients and most importantly which are shaken and which are stirred! 

Birmingham-based consultant Kris Asson has a great review of the evening; “A fantastic night had by all, celebrating both offices beating their targets for July! Not only was it a great laugh but it was also nice to get the chance to relax and have some fun with some of the Manchester and Watford Consultants!” 

Finishing a great evening, the teams were set a competition to create a sweet’n’sour cocktail. The girls led the way as ‘Charlie’s Angels’, winning the prize with their concoction (and their uncanny resemblance to the angels!)! 

If you’re interested in holding a cocktail party – we certainly recommend it! – then check out Shaken and Stirred for more information on how to get your own personal party!

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Today is the day.

As thousands of eager Brits make their way to Polling stations all the way across the UK today, there are still confused faces; baffled by the pros and cons for both campaigns, dominating our news, television, social networking sites, and most importantly; our conversations.

With an audience rife with construction and engineering specialists, we've decided to select some of the top articles - specific to our industries - arguing both to remain and to leave the EU; to help you make a more informed decision.
Brexit and the construction sector
"The effect of a Brexit on the construction sector in the UK could be enormous in some respects and negligible in others.
Brexit Analysis Bulletin: Construction and Infrastructure
"The extent of any changes will be dependent on the nature of any new relationship with Europe and/or membership of the EEA/ EFTA and it remains to be seen how this will impact the workers comprising the construction industry"
How will Brexit affect the construction industry? Two views
"As with every other industry, the construction industry has a variety of views on the prospect of Brexit, and I think it necessary for us to have views at our disposal before making our own decision. "
Brexit and the implications for UK construction
"Depending on which post-Brexit model the UK and the EU adopt, the UK’s exit from the EU may have a number of significant and far-reaching consequences for the UK construction sector. Predicting all of these consequences now is impossible but we have highlighted some of the more likely scenarios"
Construction Leaders Address EU Elephant in Referendum Debate

“The EU referendum survey has been a real eye-opener and clearly shows that the vote will be very close within the construction industry."
To leave or not to leave - How will Brexit affect the construction industry?
"As with every other industry in the UK, the construction industry has mixed views on the prospect of a Brexit. Will it help to tackle the skills shortage? How will it affect import and export of construction materials? Will there be less or more red tape to adhere to?"
How could Brexit affect the UK's construction industry?
Not only would the construction industry be affected, but so would those who are reliant upon the services it provides. From first-time property buyers to large corporations; the impact could be immediate, and significant."
So, whether you are swayed towards Brexit or Bremain, make sure you make your opinion count and head down to your local polling station by 10pm tonight!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


With the Euros well and truly on its way, in true English spirit, FastTrack decided to shut our Watford office early to get down the local pub and catch the most anticipated, England v Wales game!

As you can imagine, the pub air was filled with tension; screams loud enough to shake the walls and a rather large spillage of beer left on the pub floor!

A fantastic win for England rounded off a brilliant afternoon for the FastTrack team (and left us with more than a few sore heads on Friday! morning)!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Football Shirt Friday!

On 22nd April, all of our FastTrack offices took part in Football Shirt Friday, raising money for the Bobby Moore Fund for Bowel Cancer!

The Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK asks people to wear their football shirt to work for a day to help raise money to beat bowel cancer!

The fourth annual Football Shirt Friday asks people to don their colours and donate £2 for vital research into the disease which took Bobby’s life in 1993, at the age of 51.

Check out our Birmingham Office's attire! ⚽️ Looking great guys!

Please feel free to donate at:

We're Recruiting!

Are you an experienced Construction or Engineering Consultant looking to move to a market leading recruitment business? FastTrack want YOU!

Following our continued expansion, we’re looking for hard-working, determined & sociable consultants to play an integral part in the growth of our already successful teams - in all three of our offices!

Sound like a position made for you?!

We can see light-bulbs switching on in the brains of consultants all over the UK, but if you need a little more information to convince you to call, feel free to drop us a message with any questions!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


On 8th April, FastTrack celebrated its 18th Birthday!

From way back in 1998 when Charles Davis Engineering was established into FastTrack Management Services Ltd; FastTrack has established itself as a leading recruiter within its industry, with a track record of providing excellent recruitment services to both its clients and candidates!

Now with nationwide offices, a £multimillion turnover and happy clients and candidates all the way across the UK, lets hope the next 18 years will be just as successful! 

Raise your glasses to FastTrack!

NSPCC fundraising!

24th March brought some very bizarre goings on in the FastTrack Office for Easter!

Raising money for the NSPCC, not only did the company run a dress-down day, but a massive well done goes to James Lewis for having his hair shaved 'freestyle' and to Gary Lewis for dressing up as a female Elvis to get some extra donations in!

The NSPCC is the leading children's charity, fighting to end child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands. They help children every day who have been abused, to rebuild their lives, protect those at risk, and find the best ways of preventing abuse from ever happening!

All together we managed to raise a massive £509 for the NSPCC so a huge well done and thank you to everyone involved!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women’s Day!

In light of International Women’s Day today, here are our #Top10 tweets of our favourite articles about the leading ladies in Engineering and Construction this year!




Check out the International Women's Day Website at and make a #PledgeForParity!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Social Club: February 2016!

February 18th February brought the second monthly Social Event for FastTrack and this time we headed to TopGolf!

With some very unusual techniques demonstrated over the evening; winner of 'closest to the pin', Ben Brown said 

"Great evening, great company! I won nearest the pin which is quite clearly down to the drinking and lack of practice that I have undertaken in preparation for the evening!

*we can assume he is referring to his 'bottomless' Fanta...

Special mentions also go to Sophie Austin with the overall highest score, and Nigel McCobb who managed to win 'Longest Drive' without actually lifting a club.

Winner of the Lowest Score, Jack Wales with a disappointing 20 points; 

Some things just aren't meant to be.  That was certainty the case with my TopGolf skills…. I think I’ll stick to the recruitment” 

Look out for the next FastTrack Social Club Event coming soon!...

Thursday, 18 February 2016

FastTrack Bowl-a-Thon!

On January 19th, the FastTrack team headed out Bowling for their first Social Club event of the year! 

Taking the first throw of the evening, Managing Director, Phil started the evening off by throwing the ball so hard he slipped into his own lane before falling head first into the neighbouring lane. A great start!

Playing 2 games over the evening some of the team showed some fantastic skill on the lanes! 

Some others, on the other hand, seemed to insist on 'gutter ball-ing' every throw... 

Special mention goes to Ed Davis, the top bowler of the evening...and not forgetting Jo Hall and Kristina Greenwood, our worst bowlers of the evening!

Take a look at our full results below!

The Results:

Top 5 Best Bowlers
1.   Ed Davis
2.   Ben Brown
=3. Russell Edwards 
=3. Gemma Saunders 
=5. Simon Toussaint 
=5. Peter Davies 

Top 5 Worst Bowlers
=1.   Jo Hall
=1.   Kristina Greenwood
2.     Alex Killen
3.    Grant Clements
4.    Ben McQueeney

Overall Team Rankings
1.   Jo Ro
2.   James Barnham
3.   Phil Toussaint
4.   Simon Toussaint

The Favourite Ball of the Evening:

Thursday, 11 February 2016

FastTrack Social Club 2016!

A new year brings new fun and games as 2016 brings the launch of the FastTrack Social Club! 

Make sure you follow the FastTrack blog to stay updated with all the goings on of the Social Club (and the mischief we've been getting into)!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Gibraltar to Croxley Charity Bike Ride

A massive congratulations and well done to our MD, Philip Toussaint and Paul Allen for completing their Gibraltar to Croxley Charity Bike Ride for The Alzheimers Society!

Any last minute donations for this fantastic cause at!